Cumnor Terrace, Woolston.

Dog Agility area in Radley Park

Dog Agility area in Radley Park

Radley Park is great spot for the whole family set right in the heart of Woolston. Tucked away beside the Heathcote River, Radley Park is home to the first known dog agility course in New Zealand. You can take doggies for a walk in a loop along the path that crosses the length of the park, out onto Cumnor Tce then back in through one of the side entrances.

In the agility area they can walk the dog plank, run over the A-frame, sprint through the tunnel and weave in and out of the weaving poles. The park is not fenced so dogs need to be kept under verbal control or on a lead.

You can bring a blanket for a picnic and exercise your human children as well. It has a playground to wear them out, ducks for them to feed, paths to cycle and you can even do a spot of fishing. Afterwards you can check out the whitebait breeding program for any signs of life.

Park is open 24 hours.

Dog Exercise Area in Radley Park Christchurch

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