The Groynes Dog Park

The Groynes has an extensive doggy area featuring 8 separate fenced parks. Small dogs have their own space. There are two areas with spring fed streams. Plenty to do for the rest of the family too.

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Dog Walking at the Groynes

Groynes Drive, 160 Johns Road, Belfast.

Here at the Groynes Dog Park your doggies can enjoy open spaces with plenty of trees and two spring fed streams. There are bush walks and also 3 agility courses which include one for small dogs. There are 8 fenced dog areas in total. There is a wash down area for doggies, plenty of rubbish bins and poo bag dispensers.

It’s a wonderful day out for the whole family, with plenty to do for all ages. There are playgrounds and coin activated barbeques outside of the dog areas where you can enjoy a family gathering.

Gates close at sunset every evening.

Directions to The Groynes Dog Walking Spot Christchurch

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