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Bexley Reserve Dog Park

Bexley reserve features a small dog exercise park, picnic and play areas, paved roads for biking and a BMX track suitable for all ages.

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Dog Park and BMX Bike Track in Bexley Reserve

This is a small, securely fenced park that is best suited to smaller dogs. There are bins on site.

While the dog park itself is quite small, there is still a lot to do for the family in Bexley Reserve. Once doggy has been tired out from ball tossing and a brisk walk around the reserve, there are picnic tables, lots of nice spots to lay out a blanket and paved roads to go for a bike ride for human children.

Perhaps the highlight of the trip for my children was the bike track which quite cleverly caters to all ages. There is three rows of smaller inclines that my 6 year old tackled with great joy (even though my heart was in my mouth the whole time!). She did try to take on hills (twice) that were too steep for her and ended up coming off her bike backwards, but much to the admiration from other park goers, got up and bravely got straight back on. Lucky her helmet covers the back of her head as this hit the ground with a nasty smack both times. You of course can’t bubble wrap them, but I advise taking age appropriate safety precautions to prevent unnecessary injuries.

This park is well worth a visit for those with canine and more adventurous human children 🙂

Park closes at 6:30pm in winter and 7:30pm in summer.

Directions to Bexley Reserve

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  1. Hi there,
    There are two larger fully fenced dog parks further into bexley reserve. The are across from the drift carts on the other side of the BMX track 🙂

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