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Before I moved back to Christchurch to settle down and have a family, I embarked on a full time house and pet sitting holiday in Australia and Canada for two years. In return for inexpensive, comfortable accommodation, I loved and cared for a number of wonderful pets in their family’s homes while they were away. These are some of the references from this time.

Pet sitting dog walking Christchurch

“My husband and I had our big trip the US planned and were very excited about it. Our one problem was who was going to look after our precious doggies Rusty and Oscar while we were away.

I advertised on the housesitting website and had several responses, however it was Lesley and Todd who really sounded to me like they were interested in looking after the pets, not just pet sitting or house sitting, they really wanted to get to know Rusty and Oscar.

I replied to their email asking a few questions and I had no doubt in my mind that they were the people for the job. Rusty and Oscar are quite particular, as Lesley and Todd soon found out, and do like a fair bit of attention, whether it’s walkies, a cuddle, playing fetch, etc.

We had constant contact with Lesley and Todd leading up to our trip, which was still several months out, and they were as excited about coming to look after our boys and as were about going on holiday.

Lucky for us Lesley and Todd had friends in Perth and stayed with them prior to house sitting so we arranged to meet them before they came to house sit which was great and they were more than happy to come over and meet us all first. A week later they came to stay the night before we flew out, to get a handle on the general routine with the dogs and finding out what they like and dislike.

It was absolutely perfect, with Lesley and Todd both working from home the dogs had constant companionship and lots of attention – just the way they like it, and more than they get from their normal mum and dad (us!). We had some emails and text messages while we were away so we always knew how they were doing which always sounded like something fun was on the plan.

It was obvious when we got home that the boys had a lot of fun while we were away and were extremely well looked after, not to mention a super clean and tidy house to come home to.

I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly than Lesley and Todd to look after your pets, home or whatever is special to you when you are away.

If you would like a verbal reference, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will gladly do so.”

Kind Regards
Amanda and Lee S

Dog sitting Christchurch

“We met Lesley and Todd when they became house sitters in our home when we were overseas for eight weeks. They both instilled a confidence in us that made it comfortable for us knowing that our home and two dogs would be expertly cared for.

It was evident that Lesley and Todd were very professional and it made our trip all the more stress free. The house was maintained in perfect condition and the dogs were very well cared for.

In addition our home was damaged in a storm while we were away and in very difficult circumstances, Lesley and Todd were very helpful with the clean-up, the negotiations with our insurance company, builders and others.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Lesley and Todd to anyone as outstanding young people that display a respect and consideration that is commendable.

Should you require and confirmation of this reference, please give us a call and we will happily do so.”

Simon and Deanne

Cat sitting Christchurch

“My primary concern was that they care for our cats which I might add they probably did better than I did. They sent us constant updates on things at home and even photos of our cats via email.

When we arrived home they stayed an extra night before returning to New Zealand. My traitorous cats actually preferred to sleep with them. I knew then they were a perfect fit for our family.

I also have the mowing contract in the complex where we live and Todd did a fantastic job of standing in for me. As we are also on the body corporate of our complex, residents seem to contact us with problems, Todd and Lesley handled this with both patience and professionalism.

The house was beautiful when we arrived home – in better condition than we left it in.

I would recommend them to anyone wishing professional and caring house-sitters. They care for your things as you would yourself. I would most definitely use them again if we can tempt them across the Tasman. I feel we have 2 new friends and hope to stay in contact even should they not be able to housesit for us in the future.

My traitorous cats actually missed them for several days after they left.

If you wish to speak to me about anything I have said or can continue my glowing recommendation personally, please feel free to contact me on any of the numbers or email listed below.”

Warm Regards
Terri and Michael

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