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Puppy Daycare in Christchurch

In-home puppy daycare and training in Christchurch

In-Home Care for Your New Puppy

Did a cute, cuddly canine member recently join your family? Lucky you! There is nothing more exciting than bringing home a new puppy. Those huge eyes that melt your heart, those gorgeous soft ears, those oversized feet – tripping them up as they clumsily learn how to fetch and play. There certainly aren’t many creatures cuter than a gorgeous, snuggly wee puppy.

However with a new puppy comes the responsibility that is only one step down from a child of the human variety.  You’ve probably already got plans in place to manage their puppy issues, but now you’re back at work, the kids are back at school and there is no-one around to help you reinforce all the good work you have done so far and give your new puppy the care and attention they desperately need. Through the research you have done to find solutions to these problems, you probably already realise the experiences and training your new puppy has in these first few months will shape your new family member’s behaviour for the rest of their life.

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Loving Care for Your Home and Pets

With in-home puppy daycare all the fun, attention and puppy training comes to your precious new puppy in their own home where they feel most comfortable. Regular visits will also get them potty trained quicker, rather than getting them used to peeing inside or on a pee pad. The training you have already introduced can be reinforced, setting them up for good habits for a lifetime.

  • Once or twice daily in-home puppy visits
  • All the one on one attention, love care and affection they need

  • Supplied puppy food and water given

  • Messes cleaned up in their puppy area

  • Games to prevent resource guarding

  • Playing puppy training games

  • Handling them as much as possible so they get used to human interaction

  • Gentle walks to get them used to the outside world and teach them leash manners

  • Whatever you and your puppy needs, we can usually accommodate.

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