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In Home Cat Sitting and Feeding in Christchurch

Your cat enjoys the best possible in-home care while you are away, so there is no need to stress about them being bored or lonely in your absence.

An Alternative to Cat Boarding

Do you usually organise for someone to call and feed your feline family members while you are away, but you still end up worrying and feeling guilty your babies are not getting the care and attention they are accustomed to? Have you been let down in the past by well meaning neighbours or family members that were meant to look after and feed your furry kids, but it didn’t turn out as planned?

Have you considered (or even tried) cat boarding in Christchurch but found it too stressful on you or your cat?

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In-Home Cat Care

Your cats are important members of your family so they deserve care that is suited to their unique nature. If your furry feline is skittish and needs coaxing to come to eat, then that is what we will spend time doing. If your cat loves to run and play or just likes to curl in a ball and be petted, then that’s what will happen.

All visits will be recorded with software, which enables you to remotely monitor the entire visit. Recording starts on arrival and GPS tracking shows proof of location. A rundown of the entire visit will be added, photos and video taken and when the visit ends and the whole lot is emailed to you in one neat package on departure. You will be able to see how much fun has been had and rest assured your feline family member is in the best possible hands.

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Our Pet Parents Say…

Lesley has looked after our two cats a couple of times when we’ve been away for the weekend. It’s so nice getting her updates with details of what they’ve been up to and adorable photos alongside. We could tell from the initial meet and greet session that the cats absolutely loved her and she clearly loved them back. It’s so nice knowing they’re being looked after so well! Thanks Lesley!

Lindsay and Brook W

Lesley has done a fantastic job looking after my very shy cats. The daily email was great, and I could tell from the photos that they enjoyed her company. Lovely to come home to a clean house!

Sarah C

I can’t say enough about how wonderful Lesley is!! I recently had to head away on an unexpected trip and Lesley came to the rescue looking after my two cats who I have come home to find healthy, happy and very well cared for (as usual). Thanks again Lesley!

Kelly G

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