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Image of dog park at the Halswell Quarry in Christchurch

Halswell Quarry Dog Park

The Halswell Quarry is a beautiful spot for walking dogs with plenty to do for human children too. Once doggy is tired out in the exercise area, picnic, play hide and seek and explore the sister cities gardens.

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Image of Victoria Park Panoramic

Victoria Park Dog Park

Victoria Park is a great spot for dog walking and family outings with breathtaking views of Christchurch everywhere you turn.

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Image of dogs playing at the Horseshoe Lake Dog Park

Horseshoe Lake Reserve Dog Park

Although the Horseshoe Lake Reserve has suffered significant earthquake damage (especially on the New Brighton Road side) there is still plenty to do for furry and human children alike.

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Image of a dog playing at the Styx Mill Dog PArk

Styx Mill Reserve Dog Park

The Styx Mill reserve is a huge area with several tracks and plenty of space to explore. Right at the heart is a designated dog area where dogs of all shapes and sizes can romp and play.

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Image of dog park at the Groynes in Harewood Christchurch

The Groynes Dog Park

The Groynes has an extensive doggy area featuring 8 separate fenced parks. Small dogs have their own space. There are two areas with spring fed streams. Plenty to do for the rest of the family too.

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