Tracked Dog Walks in Christchurch

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GPS Tracking for all Visits

Every dog walk in Christchurch is tracked with GPS software so you can see exactly when we arrive, how far your dog went and what time the walk ends. Everything that happens is recorded, even when they pee and poo!

Every other service we provide is recorded with our portal software. This way you know what time we arrive, how long we spent with your pets, exactly what we did with them and at what time.

Everything your pets do while in our devoted care is tracked and relayed directly to you.

When the visit or walk ends a map and photos are sent as an attachment in an email directly to your inbox. This way you are able to see first hand how much fun your pet is having while in our care.

The start time and duration of all visits are recorded, as well as notes to inform you of administered medication, what has been done while we were there, food and water that has been provided.

No detail is too small to share with you about your beloved pets.

You are then invited to click the link to a webpage like this one where you can view the photo and note icons as they happened. You are also able to view the map larger and also download all photos to save for your own records.

This unique piece of dog walker tracking software offers you complete peace of mind on what happens with your precious pets when they are in our care. No need to wonder whether or not we showed up or if we left early, this software holds us completely accountable at all times.

So as you can see, you never need miss out on all the fun your pets are having, even if you can’t be there in person. As long as you have email set up on your phone or you are able to access from work, you will be provided a up to the minute, blow by blow account of all the fun your dog is having while in our loving care.

We also provide video if you request it, this can be recorded separately and shared with you via our Facebook Page, or if you have space can be emailed directly to you. Nothing is too much trouble to keep you informed of everything that takes place. No matter how you would like us to record our visits to share with you, we are happy to accommodate.

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