When you hire a dog walker in Christchurch, you have options. There are people who just walk dogs for fun, they make a few dollars here and there but aren’t really running a serious business. They usually have day jobs and are just in it for pocket money. There are even kids in the neighbourhood you could flick a few dollars to who would take your dog around the block a couple of times for some spare change.

A professional dog walker however is running a business and so takes the responsibility very seriously. You should always be able to rely on them to show up when they are booked and do the job they are contractually obligated to do. They take care of everything so you don’t even need to think about it, such as invoicing and payment, a contract to protect both parties, ensuring policies and procedures are followed to the letter and much more.

Just as an example, you should never need to worry what would happen if there is an emergency with your dog while out with a walker. They will be completely prepared, carrying an emergency first aid kit, full details of your dog’s current vet, have contact details for the nearest vet already in their phone and have full pet first aid training.

So How Does a Christchurch Dog Walker Set Her Prices?

When a professional dog walker sets her prices, there are a number of expenses that need to be taken into consideration. These are things part time and hobbyist dog walkers don’t think they need, because they don’t do it often enough to worry about. However they are an absolute necessity to keep your precious pet happy, healthy and protected while in the care of a professional dog walker.

Here are just a few of the expenses a professional dog walker needs to take into consideration when setting dog walking prices in Christchurch.


A professional dog walker should have sufficient insurance to protect your property and your pets while walking your dog in Christchurch. Here at VIPets Ltd, we have $10,000 worth of pet cover under our public liability insurance in the event of accident or injury. Your property is also fully covered. Before hiring a dog walker, don’t be afraid to enquire about their insurance, or ask to see their policy to see how you are covered.

Travel Costs

Here at VIPets, our dog walking motto is ‘small groups, big adventures.’ While it would be easier to take dogs to the local park, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as much fun. We love nothing more than exploring the red zone, the Victoria Park trails, the beach and Bottle Lake Forest with our happy doggies. To pick everyone up and take them somewhere awesome for their daily excursion takes a lot of petrol.

For these reasons a professional dog walker must have reliable transport which needs to be regularly maintained and have a full tank at all times. This is one of the pet carers biggest monthly expenses.

Software Costs

In order for your dog walker to provide you with the above average service you deserve, showing up on time every visit and invoicing you the correct amount each week, she needs to pay a monthly fee for software to take care of this. Good software connects clients and carers seamlessly, giving them access to schedules and bookings from multiple devices. You are able to log in and see exactly what is going on with your account, keep all your pet’s details up to date and change critical safety information in real time. This allows effortless communication between pet carers and clients, allowing both access to information vital to proper protection and care.

In order for you to follow along with the adventures your dog embarks on, every outing is tracked with GPS software. That way you can see exactly when we arrive, how far your dog went and what time the walk ends. Everything that happens is recorded, even when they pee and poo! At the end of every walk, every detail of the walk including start and end times, duration, distance, multiple photos and notes is emailed directly to you at work. You need never miss a moment of your dogs exciting outing with this software.

All app and program costs need to factored in when calculating dog walking prices.

Ongoing Pet Care Education and Training

The pet care industry is growing and advancing faster than ever, just as veterinary techniques such as CPR and wound care are ever evolving. Approaches to dog training and care are constantly being refined and updated, so investing in ongoing education and training is essential to keep up in this fast moving industry.

Here are the courses and training manuals I have purchased and completed in the just the last week:

To ensure pets who are entrusted to our care get the very most from our visits, I am committed to constantly learning innovative training techniques to enhance your dog’s experience with us and support your current training methods.

Small Group Dog Walking Prices in Christchurch

One of the more important aspects of calculating dog walking prices is to do with the type and duration of service being offered. Here at VIPets, we mostly only pair dogs together after an initial test to see if they get along well, and cap our group walks at a maximum of 4 dogs per handler.

While it makes better business sense to load 14 dogs into a van and take them all to the dog park, we prefer the individual approach where we are able to provide a more personalised service to your dog’s needs. That way we are able to work on training techniques you would like to reinforce or specialised goals you would like your dog to achieve, such as weight loss or fitness. The fact we offer a personalised services is something we need to think about when setting our dog walking prices.

So as you can see, there is a lot more to it than one day deciding to become a dog walker, then going out to start walking dogs the next day. In order to offer an above average dog walking service, a professional dog walker must be experienced, trained, insured and completely prepared to face anything thrown at them over the course of caring for your pets.

These are all factors that need to be taken into consideration when setting dog walking prices in Christchurch.

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