Group Dog Walking Adventures

These are not your average trip around the block! Doggy day trips are off-leash and include bush walks, forest trips, beach, lake and river swims, cross country excursions, play sessions and more.

Lesley will pick your dog up in the big purple pet bus and take them out for the day trip of their lives. Adventures that are usually saved for a special outing on the weekends are now available to your dog every day. 

Day trips include Lake Roto Kohatu, the Waimak, Chaney’s Forest, the Halswell Quarry, Westmorland Reserve, Sumner Beach, Spencer Park and many other exciting locations. 

Groups are kept intentionally small so dogs receive plenty of one-on-one play, attention and affection. Adventures are designed to achieve maximum joy and complete fulfillment.

What's included

$60 per outing
$40 per dog from the same household

Weekender Overnight Stays

We will stay with your dog overnight for the weekend and treat them like they were our own. 


We offer a weekend pet sitting service where we will come and stay with your pets in their own home.

We will treat your dog as if they were our own for the weekend, taking them everywhere we can with us and staying with them as much as possible. Your dog will stay in their routine and (hopefully!) hardly notice your absence. 

Your home will be maintained (plants watered, bins out, mail brought in, blinds opened and closed) and will look “lived-in” so no fear of your home looking empty for the weekend.

What's included

$120 per night

In-Home Meet and Greet

We will come to meet you and your dog so you can get to know us a little better and decide if we are a good fit to join your family as your dog care provider.


We will come to meet you and your dog in your home so everyone can get to know each other. We will go over everything we had you fill in in your online profile and ask you lot of questions about your dog in order to provide them with them best care we possibly can.

During the meet and greet we will take your dog out for a walk where it’s likely they will meet other dogs and be exposed to the distractions they would normally on location. You are encouraged to be there for this outing so you can go through your specific commands or take us through any training techniques you would like us to follow.

What's included

$60 Currently free!

Sounds Great! How Do I Get Started?


Fill in our form with all the information Lesley will need to work out where your dog will fit in with the group.


Lesley will respond as soon as she gets in from an exciting adventure with an invitation to the client portal.


Once all your details are filled in Lesley will come to meet you and your dog and organise a trial outing.