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For dog walking and pet sitting in Christchurch

Please note, there is a $10 surcharge per visit on NZ statutory holidays

Meet and Greet

We will come to you to meet you and discuss your pet’s requirements. This gives you the chance to meet us face to face in your home to see exactly how we interact with your pets and how they react to us.


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Small Group Dog Walking Adventures

Half day dog adventures include bush walks, forest trips, beach, lake and river swims, play sessions and more. Doggies go out with no more than 6 friends so they are suitably socialised while still receiving plenty of one-on-one attention.

$60 (inc GST)

At Least a Two Hour Adventure

Add extra dogs from the same family for only $45 (inc GST) each

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In-Home Doggy and Puppy Daycare Prices

Need a professional dog trainer to call in and give your dogs some love while you are at work? We will stop by and give them some much needed one-on-one interaction with a human, doing all their favourite things to break up their day.

In-Home Dog and Puppy Play and Training Session

$60 (inc GST)

1 x 30 Minute Play and Training Session

$110 (inc GST)

2 x 30 Minute Play and Training Sessions

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House and Pet Sitting Prices

Instead of boarding your furry kids on your next trip away, why not have a professional pet sitter come to your home to care for them where they are most comfortable? That way you can also relax and enjoy the fact that while you are not in your home, a house sitter will be making sure all is in order every day, arriving and exiting your property and ensuring your home looks occupied and maintained at all times.

Cat Sitting Prices

1 x Daily Care Session

30 minutes $60 (inc GST)

2 x Daily Care Sessions

2 x 30 minutes $110 (inc GST)

3 x Daily Care Sessions

3 x 30 minutes $165 (inc GST)

Overnight Cat, Dog and House Sitting Price


A sitter will stay in your home overnight with your pets – includes all standard house sitting services

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