We receive calls all the time from pet owners who are very concerned about placing their cat in a cattery or cat boarding facility, with good reason. Cats are very much homebodies who prefer the comfort of their own home and property, rarely (if ever) leaving. Unlike dogs who will leap into the car and travel with you at a second’s notice, a cat would far rather stay at home where they are most comfortable. Here lies the dilemma for the travelling cat parent; what to do with my cat while I am away?

Luckily, there is an answer to your problems, an in-home cat sitting service is exactly what you are looking for. This way a devoted cat lover will come to your home once or twice a day for half an hour of playtime, love, cuddles and meals. The cat sitter can even stay overnight with your cat if need be. This way your cat gets to stay in their own home, sleep in their own bed and play with their own toys rather than be transported to strange surroundings for the duration of your trip.

So How Does a Christchurch Cat Sitter Compare to a Boarding Cattery?

Here are a few of the benefits of getting an in-home cat sitter over sending them to a boarding cattery in Christchurch.

No Need to Travel to the Boarding Cattery

I don’t know about your cat, but my beloved silver tabby absolutely despises the car. She is terrified by the whole ordeal, almost always soiling herself on the way anywhere, even on short trips to the vet or moving house. She sees the cat carrier and bolts, not what you need if you are in a hurry to get away. When I do catch her I need to wrestle her into the carrier, she then tries desperately to escape, wailing the whole time which is very stressful for all involved.

With in-home cat care, there is no need to cause yourself or your cat unnecessary stress by forcing them to travel to and from a Christchurch boarding cattery.

Your House is Kept Secure

It’s no secret that when there is someone coming and going from your house, checking your mail, putting our your bins and keeping your routine that this is a strong deterrent for any undesirables that may be scoping out your place.

When we first come to the meet and greet with you, we will work out a schedule with you that coincides closely with your everyday routine. That way we are able to come and go just as you do, so your home looks lived in and maintained at all times. We can also stay overnight with your pets, leaving a hall light on at night and turning it off in the morning. Anything you would like us to do to ensure your complete peace of mind, we can usually accommodate.

Your Cat Receives One-On-One Attention

There is no need for your cat to share time spent playing, patting and receiving belly rubs with all the other cats in the boarding cattery, your cat has a doting carer dedicated to catering to their every whim. You get to dictate exactly how time is spent with your cat, if your cat prefers to play with their toys, we will spend our time playing with them. If they just want to sit and be petted, that’s what we will do.

No matter what your cat requires, we can usually accommodate.

Your Cat Stays in Their Own Environment

If you were able to ask your cat what they would prefer to do, stay in their own home with all their creature comforts or be transported to a strange facility that has unfamiliar sights and smells that they share with other cats, what do you think they would answer? I know what my baby would answer me. Most cats would most certainly prefer to stay where they are most comfortable, in their own, familiar environment.

With a Christchurch cat sitting service available to you, you now have options. If you feel having a cat sitter come to your home to care for your cat is the best option, ensuring all is well and secure while they are there, then call Lesley now on 03 381 0009. You can also email us to book a meet and greet now, 100% risk and obligation free!

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