Christchurch is a beautiful place, with a huge and varied amount of dog friendly walks to go on. We are very lucky to have such a wide variety of dedicated dog parks, no other city in New Zealand enjoys so many. Here is a growing list of all our favourite places to take our doggies on dog walks in Christchurch.

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Rawhiti Domain and Dog Park


Rawhiti Domain features a fenced doggy area where dogs can run and play together or train on the agility equipment. There is also plenty to do for the whole family, with a children's pay area, tennis courts, huge slides and more.

Rawhiti Domain and Dog Park2020-09-22T21:13:58+13:00

Rapaki Track


Dog Walking on the Rapaki Track Christchurch Rapaki Road, Hillsborough. This is a scenic walk for dogs with higher exercise needs. The track can be accessed from the intersection of Centaurus Road and Rapaki Road. Continue down Rapaki Road until the track begins. The Rapaki Track starts out gradually where you can start to take

Rapaki Track2018-06-06T15:39:26+13:00

Charlesworth Wetland Reserve & Ti Rakau Reserve


Sushi playing with dad and sis in Ti Rakau Reserve Charlesworth Street, Brookhaven. There are also entrances on Humphries Drive, Waterman Place and via Ti Rakau Reserve. Charlesworth Wetland Reserve is an absolute gem for the whole family, located right in the middle of Ferrymead, Christchurch. The reserve covers 20 ha of land that was

Charlesworth Wetland Reserve & Ti Rakau Reserve2018-06-05T22:01:59+13:00

Radley Park Dog Agility Park


Cumnor Terrace, Woolston. Dog Agility area in Radley Park Radley Park is great spot for the whole family set right in the heart of Woolston. Tucked away beside the Heathcote River, Radley Park is home to the first known dog agility course in New Zealand. You can take doggies for a walk in a

Radley Park Dog Agility Park2018-06-05T22:10:14+13:00

Bottle Lake Forest Park


"Bottle Lake Forest" by  johndierckx Dog Walking at Bottle Lake Forest Waitakiri Drive, Burwood or the end of Bower Ave. This is one of our favourite spots, we find ourselves wandering the beautiful, peaceful forest tracks 2 - 3 times a week. It's great on rainy days as you can escape under the pine

Bottle Lake Forest Park2018-06-06T15:04:07+13:00

Halswell Quarry Dog Park


The Halswell Quarry is a beautiful spot for walking dogs with plenty to do for human children too. Once doggy is tired out in the exercise area, picnic, play hide and seek and explore the sister cities gardens.

Halswell Quarry Dog Park2018-06-06T22:36:35+13:00

Victoria Park Dog Park


Dog Walking in Victoria Park 101 Victoria Park Road - Off Dyers Pass Road or off Victoria Park Road. Victoria Park is a great spot for dog walking and family outings with breathtaking views of Christchurch everywhere you turn. For the doggies there is a huge, securely fenced area with grasslands and

Victoria Park Dog Park2018-06-09T07:56:41+13:00

Styx Mill Reserve Dog Park


The Styx Mill reserve is a huge area with several tracks and plenty of space to explore. Right at the heart is a designated dog area where dogs of all shapes and sizes can romp and play.

Styx Mill Reserve Dog Park2019-07-03T07:53:14+13:00

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